Magic Keyboard keys for iPad Pro can be replaced in Apple Store

Les touches du Magic Keyboard pour iPad Pro peuvent être remplacées en Apple Store iPad

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is above all… a keyboard with keys. And thanks to their micro-scissors mechanism, it is possible to replace them relatively easily. At least, the technicians in the Apple Store will be able to change one or more defective keys, as a little bird whispered to us. And since this mechanism has taken the place of the butterfly in the most recent MacBooks, the procedure is identical for the keyboards of new laptops.

If the user finds that a key is stuck (in normal or pressed position), if a key has resistance when pressed, if a key does not respond or if a key is missing, then the replacement of the key may be considered. Technicians in Apple Store have a special tool to remove the stubborn touch, a lever on which an adhesive is applied.

Once the button is removed, it must necessarily be replaced. However, the micro-scissor mechanism should only be changed if it is damaged. Apple asks technicians to always check carefully if the components placed under the mechanism work properly. If not, then the entire keyboard needs to be replaced.

Remember that the Magic Keyboard can be included in the AppleCare + insurance covering the iPad Pro (€ 139). In the event of accidental damage, costs of € 49 are required for the tablet and € 29 for accessories, Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, up to two incidents relating to this type of damage.

Please note, however, to benefit from two years of tablet and accessory cover, you must have purchased all the products at the same time; AppleCare + can be purchased immediately or within 60 days of purchase. The Magic Keyboard alone does not benefit from a specific AppleCare + (read: The Magic Keyboard does not need an additional AppleCare +).

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