Should Apple launch an iPad Pro mini?

Should Apple launch an iPad Pro mini? iPad

Let’s move for a moment to 2015, more precisely to September. So we are awaiting the presentation of a new iPhone, as always, but, in a classic special event, Apple surprises us with the launch of a completely revolutionary iPad. Beyond the classic tablet concept that we were so used to at the time, those of Cupertino give us the opportunity to go further on a larger screen and with more power than ever.

With it, we have also received new ways of using what was previously more of an entertainment device than anything else. The iPad Pro marked the first time that we really considered the possibility of exchanging our laptop for an iOS tablet. Not only because it could do most of the tasks that we do everyday on a computer, but also because we could do so much more with accessories like the new Apple Pencil.

And over time, this new line of tablets got better, up to in 2018, it marked a new turning point with a completely different design than what we were used to until now. The iPad Pro has truly become a window into a new world, a canvas on which to bring our ideas to the material world. And that same year, Apple Pencil also started to move out of this category, finally reaching the most affordable products.

However, when the new iPad Pro arrived, some people may have seen something forgotten. Taking advantage of the fact that the frameworks have been considerably reduced, Apple increased screen size of its highest quality shelves to a minimum of 11 inches. A size which, with the more advanced option of 12.9 inches, should be able to reach the vast majority of the spectrum of users of these iPad Pro. At least, since there are also alternatives in the form of iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini.

But it’s the latter option that makes us consider the possibility of an even more portable Pro device. a tablet the size of a classic sketchbook that we can store anywhere. One is not as dedicated to productivity as the other iPads, because a keyboard for a model the size of an iPad mini would not be particularly comfortable, but which retains other functions such as its excellent screen and the latest Apple Pencil.

That these types of products have a place in the market is something that seems clear, or at least Apple’s competitors seem to see great possibilities. It was not for nothing that we saw the presentation of the devices like Surface Duo or Surface Neo These last months. But even then, it seems complicated that it can succeed in attracting a sufficiently large audience, especially with the iPad mini itself in competition.

In the end, we have to take into account that, although certain functions of the iPad Pro in a smaller size To create an iPad Pro mini can be something interesting for some, it’s hard to imagine that they can make a difference interesting enough to choose it on the iPad mini. And, the big difference between the iPad Pro and the iPad is not only the size of the screen itself, but also the possibilities that it brings with features like ProMotion.

In this situation, it seems much more logical Apple waits for the next generations in which these key features of the current iPad Pro become common to all models. This is something that we have already seen that happened with the iPad Air, which in many ways is the old 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and which could repeat itself this year, as the rumors.

Thus, an iPad Pro mini may not be necessary, with which it would probably be necessary to give up certain characteristics which make the Pro worthy of this nickname, but rather a future iPad Mini born of the innovation now present in the latest iPad Pro. Perhaps an iPad mini that leaves behind its large frames, with a ProMotion screen and compatible with the same Apple Pencil that has been refined to be used in the latest generations of the high-end model.

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From what we’ve heard in recent months, this new model could arrive next year, or even in the coming months. According to the latest reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working not only on a new version of the iPad Air, but also on a smaller tablet with miniLED screen It may well be the new iPad mini that many are waiting for. But for now, all we have is rumors, and we don’t even have an estimate of what it could cost.

Because this is another of the big points to debate about a new model of iPad mini. This little tablet was never considered a low-cost version of the iPad, just it’s a smaller size of the more advanced iPad version, like the iPad Air is now or like the iPad Air 2 at the time, etc. And for that reason, it’s not even the most affordable option in the range right now, being 70 euros more expensive than the seventh generation iPad.

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Either way, wait a little longer to find out. In the end, we all know that, without having to be part of the Pro range, iPad mini is one of the preferred options users looking for power to take everywhere. The most manageable size right after the iPhone, and which has amply demonstrated that it is a fundamental piece in the future of the range of tablets from Apple, although its future does not lie in the port Pro in his name.

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