7 ways to make your iPhone last much longer

7 ways to make your iPhone last much longer iPhone

If anything has been made clear to us these months that we are leaving behind, it is that our mobile devices are the key to our lives and our daily lives. Thanks to them, we are in contact with our family and friends, we work, we inform and have fun. It reminds us of the importance of keeping our iPhone in optimal condition for as long as possible, making it last for several years with us.

All iPhone users are also lucky Apple supports products long after launch, which makes them particularly resistant to the passage of time. However, there are other practices that may help you wear it better, that are available to everyone and that, while they may seem basic, are overlooked by many, are you interested? Read on for 7 ways to maximize your iPhone’s lifespan.

1- Keep your terminal up to date

This option will surely be read to us several times if you often visit iPadize, but it is essential to make a device last a long time. A device that does not receive updates, as modern as it is at launch, is destined to quickly become obsoleteWhereas a device that receives regular updates guarantees optimal operation with the latest functionalities on the market for much longer, giving it much more value and allowing it to function properly for years.

If you want to know if the latest version of iOS is installed on your iPhone, just go to Settings-> General-> Software update. Here we will be able to find out which version we currently have installed and whether there is a version of the latest system available.

Deadline apps ios 13

2- Get rid of apps that you haven’t used for a long time

Unfortunately, and although it has improved over time, our devices have limited storage and resources. Over time, almost all of us accumulate apps and files that we don’t use and that take up precious space in iPhone memory. This is why it is advisable to eliminate the applications that we do not use, and that we keep our files at a distance, avoiding accumulating a lot of data which is of no use to us.

The iPhone also has an option to uninstall apps that we don’t use automatically, thus maintaining comprehensive control over apps that take up space and aren’t currently using. To activate this function, we will go to Settings-> General-> iPhone Storage and here we will activate the option Uninstall unused apps.

To finish checking as much as possible the existing files on your device, followed by Uninstall unused apps, in IPhone storage we will find the option Examine large files, this will show us these large files in our iPhone memory so that we can quickly check if there are any.

Summer 2020 iPhone Cases

3- Get good coverage…

It wasn’t all going to be about maintaining the system, and that’s if it is important to maintain iOS, it is also important to maintain the physical integrity of the iPhone. It is true that on many occasions it is worth putting a case on terminals as beautiful as these, but carrying a case can save you from a disaster that could mean the loss of your iPhone .

Today, getting a good iPhone case is really affordable, and while Apple offers one in the Apple Store, you can still get a good case for a reasonable price on sites like Amazon.

Why use the iPhone screen protector

4-… and already with a screen protector

One of the most exposed parts of our iPhone is its screens. Even if Apple works so that each generation has a stronger glass than the previous one, creating screens that are currently very resistant, a bad fall or a blow can mean breakage, and daily use which ends up scratching gradually.

To avoid this, fixing a screen protector like tempered glass or some sort of protective film is the ideal solution. Thanks to the form factor of the latest iPhones, you will hardly notice that you have installed it and the difference against an accident can be decisive for the screen.


5- Keep your iPhone clean

Another basic detail that many forget is cleaning the iPhone. Beyond the exhaustive disinfections due to the coronavirus, keeping our ports and speakers free of dirt will greatly extend the life of our terminal. Ports like Lightning tend to accumulate dirt when carrying the iPhone in their pockets, and factors such as pollen can accumulate in the speakers, greatly reducing the volume at which they should operate.

Besides the connections, keeping the screen clean also helps prevent scratches, because by removing impurities from its surface, we prevent them from lying around on the screen while we use the terminal and end up marking it.

iPhone overheating

6- Watch your iPhone’s exposure to heat and cold

Although iPhones are designed to easily withstand a wide range of temperatures, extreme heat and cold can damage its internal components.

Overheating the iPhone can make it unusable for a while, damaging the motherboard and terminal components, as well as the battery. The cold on its part directly affects the battery, because these work less well at low temperatures due to the chemical reactions that occur during their operation.

It is important not to expose the iPhone to extreme temperatures if we want it to last a long time, and in case we have to do it as soon as possible.

iPhone battery

7- Speaking of batteries … change them when necessary

Many iPhone users, once the battery loses its ability to accumulate decent energy levels due to the charge and discharge of the battery, prefer to change the terminal instead of asking the battery for a replacement. ‘Apple Store.

Although iPhone batteries easily withstand many charge cycles, long term and As this is a component that is subject to wear, it may require replacement. Prices for some of the latest iPhone models can be found below, and it’s not worth throwing away your iPhone as you can change its battery to keep it running longer.

Prices change iphone battery

In case you need a battery change repair, you can make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store or go to an authorized reseller to request service.

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