Adobe launches its own iPhone camera application: Photoshop Camera

Adobe launches its own iPhone camera application: Photoshop Camera iPhone

There are many camera apps in the App Store that allow us to achieve more advanced functions than the official app allows, like taking photos in RAW. Now a new iPhone app is added and it comes from the hand of Adobe itself. The intentions seem to come from the name itself: Photoshop camera, so you can imagine that the purpose of this app is to make amazing photos and that we don’t have to modify them.

The app is quite comprehensive and differs from these more professional camera calls. What Photoshop Camera wants you to get are unique photos, and of course. We have many different filters that we can apply to our photos live or once we have taken the photo. In addition, the app automatically has settings that enhance the picture taken in an incredible way.

Photoshop Camera, an application you need to download

After testing the application, I can assure you that it is not one of those applications that you will download and never use again. It’s a completely free application with many filters that you will love if you are a photography lover. We have unique and very original effects and filters, but what I liked the most were the effects for certain types of photos.

For example, we have 5 different portrait modes, 7 modes for photographing food and meals, 7 landscape modes so your travel photos are spectacular and even in a way that changes the sky in real time. But it’s not all that ends there, we have a huge user community creating new filters that you can download for free or even create your own and share it. There is nothing to do because the application AI takes care of everything. Below you have a very quick example, on the left you have the real photo, in the center the blue sky filter and on the right and one of the “dreamy” filters.

The description of the App Store explains all the functions very well:

Fun filters. Apply Photoshop filters and effects at the touch of a button. With over 80 custom filters, it’s easy to play with them and save your favorites to use whenever you want. The filter library includes features such as portrait, studio light, flowering, pop style, spectrum, desynchronization, food, scene, natural sky, analog, night mode, comic sky, interstellar, Dreamcatcher, celestial, oversized, double exposure, prism, color echo, mixed media, blue sky, ingenuity, etc.
Real-time Photoshop effects. Take better photos with the magic of Photoshop and AI editing.
Automatic tone. Photoshop Camera enhances “real life” without more extreme differences between highlights and shadows.
Content-based recommendations. Choose your snapshot and Photoshop Camera will do the rest. By knowing which effects to apply to get the best result, you will have no problem finding the right light and focus.
Horizontal controls. (Bokeh, face distance, face light, face illumination): The face light feature of the Photoshop camera optimizes lighting and removes sharp shadows (no more eye bags). For group selfies, Photoshop Camera recognizes where each subject is located so there is no more distortion. And, with the bokeh function, it’s very easy to quickly apply blur effects.
Glasses inspired by influence. See yourself through the eyes of your favorite designers with their own custom lenses. New glasses and effects are constantly being added, so there is always something to discover.
Ideal for social media. Easily capture and share high quality photos on your favorite social network. Use #photoshopcamera when you post something and we can mention you on our networks.

An incredible application with all the power of Photoshop behind, the effects it achieves seem magical and it will automatically enhance your photos without having to touch any buttons. One of them Recommended apps every photography lover should have on their iPhone.

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