Apple and Google API vs. COVID-19 are adopted by more countries

Covid dans le monde iPhone

Given the current pandemic situation that COVID-19 is experiencing in various regions of the world, Apple and Google API are starting to be adopted by more countries who are interested in coping with this terrible disease by all means.

COVID-19 exposure detection system

A few months ago, it became known that Apple and Google would team up to create an API against COVID-19 that would allow iOS and Android users find out if they have been exposed to or near a person with coronavirus.

And although Trump has opposed this deal between these big companies now this API is already available and we can find out what this virus exposure notification system looks like.

More countries with Apple and Google

Spain was one of the first countries to mention that it would start working on an application with the Apple and Google systems. Subsequently, Switzerland was the country that officially applied with the Apple and Google APIs, followed by Italy, which also adapted this system into a national application.

Europe and API from Apple and Google

A report by. currently reveals that more European countries are joining to the list of governments seeking to centralize a system for people exposed to the virus through applications that use the Apple and Google APIs.

“European countries cautiously emerging from the pandemic coronavirus attack are looking for a second generation of contact tracking applications to help contain new epidemics.

The latest apps have great advantages over the previous ones because they run on the Apple iPhone, one of the most popular smartphones in Europe, and do not depend on centralized databases which can compromise privacy.
Switzerland, Latvia and Italy have opted for short-range Bluetooth radio for their applications, based on Apple and Google technology which securely records the exchanges on the smartphones of close people […]

Several other countries, including Finland, Ireland and Portugal, are working on similar decentralized applications [y] Singapore and Australia plan to change common standard […] Crown Austria [también] it updates to comply with the Google-Apple framework. ”

Apple API and Google Europe

In general, several European countries update their systems with the API compatible with iOS and Android to improve monitoring of infections. It remains to be seen what will happen to the rest of the countries of other continents, but what is true is that this API came to help in the social aspect against COVID-19 in an incredible way.

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