Apple becomes the first company to be worth $ 1.5 trillion

Apple becomes the first company to be worth $ 1.5 trillion iPhone

Apple has had a high performance in the stock market in recent days. Its shares soared and it became the first American company to 1.5 trillion dollars.

Last Tuesday, the stock market closed on seeing how Apple’s shares had reached a record, with a value of $ 343.99. As CNBC pointed out, tech companies are strongly supporting the economic pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the fact that people have been able to continue to work from home and take over online services, or in some cases acquire new devices, Apple and other tech companies have been able to continue to stay afloat despite the current situation.

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The trillion-dollar business

Just over a year and a half ago, Apple became the first company to reach a trillion dollar value. Since then, Apple has continued to grow until its stock value reaches $ 1.5 trillion.

A few days ago, the signature of the bitten apple logo had a value of $ 1.491 trillion. To date, this figure has already exceeded one and a half billion.

Amit Daryanani, analyst at Evercore ISI, spoke of Apple this way:

“Thanks to their large market capitalizations, they have helped to balance the market value, which has seen a great return despite the high unemployment rate and home confinement. “

According to stock market experts, Apple has demonstrated a great ability to lead the market through its ability to design your own chips for your products. This strategy was essential to increase the margins for expansion of its shares on the stock market.

And now, after WWDC 2020, which takes place on June 22, it is very likely that Apple’s shares will continue to increase.

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Today, AAPL’s shares have increased by more than 2%

After performing well on the stock market yesterday, Apple stocks continued to grow today, setting a new record. They increased by 2.34% compared to yesterday. Thanks to this boost, Apple’s market capitalization has exceeded $ 1.5 trillion, marking an important step in the history of the stock market and becoming the first American company to reach this value.

The market capitalization of a company is simply based on the multiplication of the value of an individual share by the number of shares of that company. In this way, the real market value of a business is discovered. In the case of Apple, its shares are worth $ 352. Multiplied by the 4.3 billion shares they own, their market capitalization – currently – is $ 1.53 trillion.

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Apple’s total stock has declined in recent years as the Apple company has long tried to buy back its stock very aggressively, helping to increase the value of stocks. shares remaining in exchange.

Apple will weather the impending economic downturn in the market

Almost after reaching an all-time high per share at the end of January, Apple shares collapsed with the rest of the market share due to the drop in sales due to the Kafka situation caused by the coronavirus.

It was a difficult time for all companies. In reality, Apple’s stock value dropped 35% from its peak in late March.

So, given the impending economic recession looming in the aftermath of the health crisis, it looks like Apple will be able to resist the attraction firmly and stoically. Financially, it will be one of the most influential companies in the coming years.

Incomprehensibly, some companies like Apple have succeeded in designing them to continue to grow despite all the complications generated throughout these difficult last months. Do you think they will continue at this rate for a long time?

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