Apple stops signing iOS 13.5 after iOS 13.5.1 is released

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A few weeks ago, an update arrived on our devices with completely unexpected news, intended for a critical moment in our history. iOS 13.5, known by some as the COVID-19 update, was released to bring a series of critical changes and developments for the new lifestyle that this global pandemic has brought us. All designed to enhance our experience with our iPhone.

For example, among the main new features introduced by Apple with the update we found the contact tracking API, designed to improve the detection of possible COVID-19 infections; changes in how we access our phone with a mask, forcing the code to be used every time the TrueDepth sensor detects a mask; among other important changes. But what no one imagined was that this update was going to be the key for jailbreak users.

The group developing the jailbreak unc0ver has detected a vulnerability in the iOS kernel which allowed to apply this to all devices with iOS 13.5. As a result, as soon as Apple learned about it, they started working on a version dedicated to fixing this vulnerability, in order to prevent it from being used for fraudulent purposes. And with this goal, iOS 13.5.1 has arrived, the only update available to date, because iOS 13.5 has already stopped being signed.

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So, Apple prevents users from restoring their devices to a vulnerable version officially, which can be a problem for those who were updated automatically and wanted to use the jailbreak. Although, all in all, there are fewer and fewer reasons why life is so complicated, a sign that Apple is increasingly doing its homework in terms of software updates and iOS itself. .

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