Apple stubbornly refuses Facebook Gaming on the App Store

Apple stubbornly refuses Facebook Gaming on the App Store iPhone

Facebook Gaming is no, no, no, no and again no. Five times no, that is the number of refusals suffered by the social network for its application which offers games casual like Words with Friends or Thug Life. Small HTML5 games that posed no problem for Google: the app has been available on the Play Store since April 20.

But Apple has the foot on the brake, invoking each submission of the application rule 4.7 of guidelines concerning applications that distribute code not embedded in their binary. Apple does not forbid it, but the problem is that it is the main function of the app. And this is what is prohibited by Apple. Facebook Gaming also offers to see other players’ games and chat with them.

In addition, the application must not present this content in the form of a shop, which is the case of the Android version with its large colored icons. Facebook has tried to meet Apple’s requirements, by reshaping the app’s interface (until it only presents a stupid alphabetical list), by removing the possibility of sorting games, and even by no longer offering as games depending on the activity and tastes of the user.

Facebook even considered submitting a version of its application offering no playable games! In short, a very degraded experience in all cases, but that was not enough. The social network is still planning to launch Facebook Gaming on iOS, the day Apple decides to give its approval, but what will the application look like? The French of Shadow also had to fall back on the quality of their app to return to the App Store. Apple seems to be getting along with offering its users a poorer experience than on other platforms.

This story told by the New york times don’t just happen with WWDC which starts on June 22. Apple developer party next week spoils a bit more after launch of European Commission official survey on App Store practices, threats to HEY app and free speech at home publishers.

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