Apple wants more addictive games in Apple Arcade

Apple veut des jeux plus addictifs dans Apple Arcade Apple TV

Apple is reviewing the strategy for its Apple Arcade game service. Bloomberg reports discussions between the manufacturer and several publishers dating back to mid-April, during which Apple explained the change in approach. In summary, Apple Arcade needs to host more addictive games, the kind that tap players behind their screens.

For Apple Arcade, the prototype of the addictive game is Grindstone, a match 3 that actually has everything from hard drugs. Enough to encourage the player to remain subscribed to the service after the free trial period! As a result, Apple has canceled contracts with several studios (we don’t know which ones). This did not help the affairs of several of them, already in difficulty due to the health crisis.

However, Apple pays publishers not upon receipt of the finished game, but based on stages of development. And Apple does not refrain from working with studios whose games have been canceled: they will have to offer new titles closer to what the manufacturer is looking for. Apple would sign checks between $ 1 million and $ 5 million for each game.

For € 4.99 per month, Apple Arcade offers access to a catalog of around 120 titles, for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Titles without ads or in-app purchases, many of which have also been awarded an Apple Design Award. The change of foot of Apple could mean that the progression of the number of subscribers does not suit the manufacturer. Moreover, we will observe that Apple has launched a seduction campaign with former subscribers, offering them a free month to try new games.

Some Apple Arcade games stand out, by their gameplay, their achievement or their ambition. But none really knew how to establish itself as an inescapable hit, of the kind that makes people talk on social networks (note that this is also the case for the Apple TV + series). The manufacturer specifies Bloomberg that there has always been talk of making changes to the catalog based on feedback from subscribers.

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