Apple Watch crash detection is key again

Apple Watch crash detection is key again iPhone

One more time Apple Watch Fall Detection Was Key To Finding A Fainted User and fell in Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently, the owner suffered a power failure which caused him to fall to the ground, when the clock detected the fall and when he saw that the person concerned was not responding, he proceeded to inform the emergency services , sharing the location of the affected person and thereby enabling him to be located from an “almost exact” location, according to authorities in Chandler’s communications department, and as reported by KTAR News station.

Local officials at the police station welcomed the operation of the Apple Watch, indicating that if there had been no clock, it would not have been possible to locate the location of the missing person, as he was unable to communicate.

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All Apple Watch Series 4 and above have fall detection among its features. By default, it is disabled if you indicate that you are under 65 when setting up your watch, but it can be easily enabled as explained in this article.

This function works by detecting sudden and sudden movements, and automatically alert emergencies in the event that after an incident, the user does not respond to the message that appears on the watch screen after 1 minute. In addition, in addition to emergency notification, if the watch user has an assigned emergency contact, this will be communicated by SMS on the incident and will share the location.

It is not the first or last time that we see how the Apple Watch is the key to saving a person. The Cupertino watch has become a must for many on its own merits, and not for less.

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