Do you know DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine? There are those who think that Apple should buy it

Do you know DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine? There are those who think that Apple should buy it iPhone

When it comes to choosing the search engine that guides your steps on Apple platforms, there is much more than the eye can see. If you follow these types of questions closely, you will know that Google is paying several billion dollars to prevent those in Cupertino from putting another one as their default search engine. However, some analysts believe that this situation could create problems for iPhone creators in the future, and therefore indicate that it is time for Apple to move the tab.

According to one of Barron’s latest reports, analyst Toni Sacconaghi says Google is currently in a truly dominant position in the negotiations for this deal. At the end, Apple does not have its own search engine, and therefore the only alternative available to him would be to use Bing. Despite everything, nothing is so simple, because Google also has an interest in maintaining this position, because iOS brings in revenues of around 25 billion dollars.

For all this, for Sacconaghi, the most conceivable option is for Apple to take control of this situation by taking control of its own search engine, which would allow them to eliminate their dependence on third parties. And when choosing a candidate, DuckDuckGo is the most suitable. Since its creation, this search engine has boasted of being the only search engine that does not follow its users, which protects their privacy, which is perfectly in line with Apple principles.

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To do something like this, according to Barron’s estimate Apple could acquire DuckDuckGo for less than a billion dollars. Of course, they recognize that it is unlikely that they will be able to equate the benefits it could bring to what they currently get from Google. However, the goal would not be to leave Google behind, but to give them a reason to avoid considering stopping the auction because it is Apple’s default browser.

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