Everything we hope to see at Apple’s WWDC 2020

Everything we hope to see at Apple's WWDC 2020 iPad

In just 7 days, we have one of the most important events of the year for Apple: the developer conference. This year everything was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic But Apple has decided to go ahead with its event and celebrate it exclusively online.

That same week, the company released the WWDC20 calendar and On June 22 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain, an event will take place from Apple Park It will be broadcast to everyone and we can continue online from our devices.

Apple has ensured that is going to be the biggest developer conference ever we therefore expect many improvements, and very important. We are going to review what we expect now that there is a week left to celebrate the event.

All the news expected at WWDC20

WWDC is traditionally a software event in which Apple unveils the new operating systems on all your devices after summer. But this year, the hardware could also have a stellar moment.

Software: iOS and iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16 and tvOS 14

the software is at the heart of WWDC, and Apple is not only showcasing its new operating systems, but also a ton of new tools for developers to program and create amazing apps.

iOS 14

Probably the most anticipated of all the WWDC20 speech, and it will surely not be revealed until the end of the conference. We have heard many rumors about the new features, these are the most important that we will see in iOS 14:

New home screen. It is expected that the home screen will have a new list view and may also include new icons that would act as a sort of widget.
Default third-party applications. A rumor that many are waiting, apparently in iOS 14, you can use third-party apps as default apps. For example, have Gmail as your email manager or Chrome as your default browser.
Car key. This function has been developing for some time and would allow us to open our car from the iPhone just by moving it closer.
Improvements in system applications and new applications. Many applications will be updated with news, Messages, Safari, Search, HomeKit … A new Exercise application is also expected for the iPhone.

On the other hand, the list of devices that will be compatible with iOS 14 has also been filtered, the beta could be available at the end of the event and the final version will be released in September.

iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14

The iPad operating system was separated from the iPhone last year, although they will continue to share many features and functionality, this year we expect many improvements with iPadOS 14:

Professional applications. Apple wants to bring iPad Pro closer to MacBook and this year we plan to launch new business applications such as Xcode and Final Cut that will allow the iPad to be used for much more productive tasks such as designing applications or creating videos.
Apple Pencil improvements. Apple wants to improve the use of Apple Pencil, which could be more useful elsewhere in the system.
Improved mouse and trackpad functions. The function of the mouse or the trackpad is much better with iPadOS 13.4 and we hope that in iPadOS 14, it will continue to evolve.
watchOS 7

watchOS 7 flags

The Apps Watch operating system continues to evolve towards total independence from the iPhone, watchOS 7 will be one more step.

New spheres. As in every new version, watchOS 7 will also include new spheres. It has been popularized with two: Infograph Pro and International, the first will include a speedometer and the second will include flags of different countries.
Possibility to share the sphere. Apple plans to make our watches a little more social and allow us to share our dials once we have designed them to our liking.
Parental control. Parental controls on the Apple Watch will be significantly improved by asking to set a class schedule so that only certain functions can be used when children are in school.
Blood oxygen monitoring. A function that we do not know if it came with the new Apple Watch Series 6 or if it will be a novelty for all Apple Watches.
macOS 10.16 and tvOS 14

These are the least common systems. We know that under macOS, some system applications have been renewed, such as Messages that would be much more similar to the one we have on iPadOS.

Hardware: new iMac and first Mac with ARM

As a sort of more thing…, Apple could surprise us this year with very important news about the MacIn fact, the official invitation is proof of that.

New iMac

MacRumors IMac 2020 concept

MacRumors IMac 2020 concept

It seems that the iMac will be renewed indoors and outdoors very soonand rumors indicate that WWDC20 is time for its launch. If Apple chooses a new design, it’s normal that you want to present it in a keynote, even if it is without an audience.

It is expected that This new iMac follows the design lines of the iPad ProIn other words, we would have a device with very small frames, and we will see if Apple chooses to include Face ID as a biometric system.

Mac with ARM processor

Probably the biggest change in the Mac lineup in the last decade. Apple also wants to manufacture Mac processors and will present at this WWDC20 its plans for a transition from Intel processors to self-manufactured ARMs.

This is a very important change that Apple must make carefully and providing developers with all the tools they need to bring your applications to the new architecture. It will most likely be a long process that will take several years, but the kickoff will be at this WWDC20.

These are all the news that we look forward to an event that is very important and will be remembered for years for all the present circumstances and for the very news Apple is going to announce. In addition to all this, Apple surely has several surprises in store, in a week we will leave doubts.

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