How to erase and restore Apple Watch to factory condition

How to erase and restore Apple Watch to factory condition iPhone

Either because you’re going to sell it or trade it in, or because you have a system problem with your Apple Watch, what you have to do is restore the watch system or erase it completely. We must differentiate these two actions, because by deleting the Apple Watch, we will also dissociate it from our iPhone and by restoring it, although we delete all the settings, applications and files that we have on it, the device will continue to be paired, and we will have to continue using a code to unlock it.

Knowing this, let’s get to work and get started, in this little guide, we will teach you both how to restore an Apple Watch from the watch itself and how to erase it and dissociate it from the Watch app on the ‘iPhone.

How to reset Apple Watch to factory settings

The first thing we need to know is that This method is mainly used when we have a problem with the watch, and what it will do is leave it as newly purchased so that we can configure it again. Thus, we will get rid of all the applications and files that we have in it, as well as if an application or a file generates a clock problem for the problem as such. This option does not dissociate the Apple Watch from the iPhone.

In addition, to be able to restore an Apple Watch, we must have the device must have a charge of at least 50% so that we are allowed to start the process.

On Apple Watch, you need to follow these steps:

If you have a model with cellular connectivity, at the end of these steps you will be asked if you want to keep the device’s data plan. As if you have chosen this process, it means that the owner of the watch that you will continue to do your best will maintain it so that you do not have to re-link the data plan.

How to Unpair an Apple Watch from an iPhone

If what we want is to completely dissociate the Apple Watch from our iPhone, because we are going to get rid of it for example, the steps to follow are from the Watch app on the phone itself, and allow us to sever the link between the two devices and at the same time restore the Apple Watch.

With both devices with more than 50% battery and keeping them close what we need to do is this:

1st We open the app Watch on the iPhone.

2nd Go to the tab My watch.

3rd Your watch will appear and you must press I in orange on your right.

4th On the screen that will open, click on Unpair Apple Watch.

Unpair Apple Watch iPhone 2

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In the same way as when restoring the watch, if we have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, we will be asked to confirm whether we want to maintain or eliminate the data plan. In the event that we are going to sell the device or it just won’t be ours for some reason, we will confirm that we want to eliminate it so that it is not linked to the watch.

To finish, you may be asked for your Apple ID password to deactivate the watch activation lock. In case, during this process, the iPhone will create a backup of the Apple Watch in case, in the future, you would like to restore a new watch with the last backup you had.

As you can see, the process is simple in both cases, and does not require more than a few clicks, although it is important to know what process we are both doing. If what we do is restore the Apple Watch from the watch itself and sell it later, the future new owner will not be able to link it to their iPhone as it is still linked to yours and this could cause problems.

If what you want is to completely remove any clues from your connection to this Apple Watch and it has no relation to your other equipment, the option to follow is that of Dissociate the watch, which will remove both the iPhone and the Apple Watch from all data referring to the previous owner, and allow it to be used as a new one in a new pairing, without retaining the codes and allowing the device to ” be configured from scratch.

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