IOS 14 tip: launch the camera by tapping your iPhone three times

IOS 14 tip: launch the camera by tapping your iPhone three times iPhone

Unlike Android, the iPhone has no permanent shortcut for accessing the camera. If not perfect, iOS 14 still offers a solution: tapping the back of the smartphone two or three times to activate the camera. Here’s what it looks like once configured:

This is one of the new features in iOS 14 for the iPhone, and it’s an accessibility feature that you can configure in the Settings app, then Accessibility> Touch> Touch to go back. Apple offers to configure double or triple tapping, but I find that the first option is too sensitive. Often you just need to put the iPhone on a flat surface for the system to consider that I have typed twice, which never happens with the touch option three times.

The actions proposed by default do not allow launching an app. On the other hand, it is possible to execute a shortcut and it is through this that you can open any app, like the Camera app for my example. Create a new shortcut in the Shortcuts app, then add the action Open the app and select the one that interests you. Save this shortcut with a name that you can easily find later, then go back to the accessibility settings and scroll through the list of options to select it.

The shortcut used to open the camera on the left, the shortcut selected in the accessibility settings on the right.

Even if it is necessary to make a detour by shortcut, the trick works wonderfully and the launch of the app is instantaneous or not far. This is very handy, although it should be noted that it will only work if the iPhone is unlocked. There is a dedicated camera shortcut anyway on the locked screen, but I still hope that Apple will someday allow me to replace the Apple Pay shortcut (double click on the lock button) to launch the camera instead …

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