iPadOS 14: Siri (deactivates) energy saving mode on the iPad ?

iPadOS 14: Siri (deactivates) energy saving mode on the iPad ? iPad

For some mysterious reason, the energy saving mode remains an exclusive of the iPhone and the iPad has been deprived of it since its appearance in iOS a few years ago. Except in the first beta of iPadOS 14, where Siri allows you to enable or disable it as noted by a reader. Just ask the voice assistant, who runs without arguing:

Do not rejoice too quickly, it may be a bug. On the one hand, the energy saving mode is only available via Siri, there is no dedicated icon in the control center of iPadOS 14 and there are no parameters in the Settings. Another hint, the Shortcuts app refuses to execute the action that manages this parameter, and we have the same error message as before to indicate that this is a function reserved for iPhone and iPod touch.

The response message in English while Siri is configured in French finishes convincing that it is, either an error which will be corrected in a next beta – or even before if it is a bug of Siri which can be settled on the servers – or a beta not ready at all. The latter hypothesis remains possible, as iPadOS 14 seems perfectly comfortable with the energy saving mode. Nothing breaks, the battery icon turns yellow at the top right, just like in the widget dedicated to batteries and the settings section dedicated to batteries also displays the right color.

The energy saving mode is perfectly recognized by the settings of iPadOS 14.

Even apps can manage the mode, like Photos, which stops updating the iCloud photo library. It’s quite logical, Apple has already done all the work for the iPhone, the tablet benefits in the process “for free”. But then, why not offer the energy saving mode in good and due form on the shelves? The mystery remains…

Update the 06/25/2020 10:21 : There is actually a (relatively) good reason for the lack of energy saving mode on iPads. Apple has added a specific component to the iPhone power controller that is responsible for managing energy savings. IPads do not have this component, nor do they have mode.

This explains why mode is absent in iPadOS today, but not why Apple has never added this component to its tablets. Hopefully this defect will be filled with the next generation of iPad.

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