IPhone 12 is about to start manufacturing

IPhone 12 is about to start manufacturing iPhone

As you may already know, because the news on this subject has not stopped appearing, it is very likely that this year the launch of the iPhone will be delayed. Because of the global pandemic that still affects the whole world, Apple and its suppliers, like so many others, were forced to take action to combat COVID-19 in your environment. And because of these measures, the company’s exit schedule has been affected, as have its events, like the next WWDC.

However, we will not have to wait much longer than normal, as it is expected to be in October when we finally receive the new generation of the iPhone. In fact, everything started to be set to do it, and the new Apple phones are about to go into production to successfully cover the demand that will be at the end of this year. This was confirmed by DigiTimes, in a report shared by MacRumors, which indicates that those from Cupertino could start production next month.

At the moment, it seems that the new Apple terminals are in the second phase of EVT, or “Validation and Engineering Testing”, a process in which the final prototypes are tested in order to verify if they meet the objectives. established by the company. This phase will be completed later this month., and it will be in July when the Cupertino starts the production line to create the first units of future models of the new generation.

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Currently, it is not known whether all models will have a simultaneous launch on the market. For example, Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated in the past that Pro models with 5G mmWave technology may take a little longer than the rest due to changes in antenna design. In any case, we will have to wait until next October to check it.

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