Jobs wanted a device to read emails in the bathroom, and they created the iPhone

Jobs wanted a device to read emails in the bathroom, and they created the iPhone iPhone

Much has been written about the creation of the original iPhone. Over 13 years have passed and the team in charge of designing and building the most famous smartphone in the world has given us many details on they and Jobs managed to create a unique device on which all current smartphones are based, even with the help of an unexpected Microsoft contributor.

Today we return to delve into the history of creating the original iPhone and to use the words of one of the Apple engineers who worked on the project: Joshua Strickon. It is one of Apple’s oldest workers who was with the company at the time and was working on the original iPhone project. Job’s explanation of the device he wanted to make was unexpected, to say the least.

A device for everything that can be used even in the bathroom

The iPhone project was born many years before Apple presented it, the company had multi-touch and capable display technology they were developing, but they really didn’t know how to use it. At the beginning, we talked about the year 2003, the business focused on a tablet, but later downsized and pushed the idea that the iPad brought us later.

However, at first, Jobs’s idea was to create a home appliance that was easier to use than a computer and much more portable, Steve wanted to use it anywhere from home, even in the bathroom.

“Steve wanted a device that he could use to read email while he was in the bathroom. “

In Joshua Strickon’s own words, since 2003, some Apple engineers have been working on multi-touch technology for a tablet. “The story was that Steve wanted a device he could use to read email while he was in the bathroomThis was the scope of the product specifications. But you couldn’t build a device with enough battery life to get you out of the house, and you couldn’t get a chip with enough graphics to be useful. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do. ”

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After several years of research, Steve decided that it was better to raise the phone before the tablet, so that little by little, and thanks to the evolution of the components, the technology progressed until it could create a decent tablet. Do not forget that the original iPad was the first device with a 100% processor designed by Apple, the A4 which also included the iPhone 4 a few months later. This processor was already powerful enough for a screen the size of the iPad with this large number of pixels.

In the end, Jobs got his wish, and twice. IPhone and iPad are devices with which we can check emails from the bathroom, and any other place we want.

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