June 15, some employees return to Apple Park

June 15, some employees return to Apple Park iPhone

If last week we were talking about what it would be like to go back to work at Apple Park, now We already have a date for the start of Apple’s particular de-escalation with your employees.

It will be, as Bloomberg reports, June 15, and as they quote, it will be in a very limited way and with many restrictions.

The latest news that we know about it was about a small part of the employees who had already started their work at Apple headquarters, but it seems that now those of Cupertino want to gradually recover more workers to prepare for the second half and all of its later versions.

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Apple called this reinstatement “Phase 1” (Hence its particular de-escalation), and will allow from next Monday that more employees join the work both from Apple Park and the campus of the infinite loop, as well as other work centers of the company distributed by Silicon. Valley.

Apple’s priority currently appears pending publication for the rest of the year, and the working groups responsible for them are the first to resume their functions. In addition, with WWDC scheduled for 12 days, so many employees must prepare everything for this event. A second part of the workers, however, will continue to work from their home until the start of “phase 2”.

Apple workstation employees must follow strict access and work processes, with frequent temperature checks and the use of masks in all installations. The use of spaces has also been very restrictively limited and others have been closed to avoid overcrowding depending on the area.

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