New iPhone Search Helps Police Locate Thief

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Police authorities in Allentown, Pennsylvania yesterday arrest of a man wanted for assault and robbery of an employee of an area of ​​the city. Apparently, the altercation began when the inmate had parked his vehicle several times in a farm access area, and the victim decided to take photos of the vehicle and the license plate to report it to the police. police.

At the time of the occurrence, and as reported on the WFMZ TV website, the assailant, a 21-year-old man, saw the employee taking photos of his vehicle from the block in front of which he was working. Quickly He got out and stole the terminal with which he was photographing the car, and immediately started attacking the victim, which he threw on the ground and struck several times to finally steal his wallet.

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After reporting what happened to the police, and Thanks to the Search application installed on the victim’s iPhone, the authorities found what had been stolen by the attacker from his mother’s apartment, the same one he came from at the time of the attack. There, the police located the victim’s wallet and iPhone, but not the perpetrator.

His mother, who had seen his son’s attack from his home window, initially refused to give information, although he finally agreed to locate him and asked him to go home, which the assailant accepted.

The perpetrator is now facing multiple charges, including theft, assault and harassment, and is currently in court pending a hearing on what has happened.

Again, the search function is essential to locate a thief, and in this case also an attacker, who, had it not been for the victim’s iPhone, would have been much more difficult to locate.

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