Rumors: a single iPhone 12 with LiDAR and an unchanged notch?

Rumors: a single iPhone 12 with LiDAR and an unchanged notch? iPad

Filip Koroy, creator of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, published this morning what would be a new technical diagram of the future iPhone 12. It is not the first time that we have a “CAD” for the 2020 range of iPhone and this new version takes up the main lines of what rumors have been saying and repeating for several months, namely that it will be a brand new, more rectangular design.

Image @EveryApplePro.

There are, however, two notable differences in this new image:

  • the notch on the front is strictly identical to that of all iPhones with Face ID, while the previous drawings presented a reduced notch;
  • the LiDAR recently added to the iPad Pro and which is supposed to make its debut this year in the iPhone is not present on all models, only on the Pro Max.

It should first of all be recalled that the veracity of these 3D diagrams cannot be verified. Any user of computer-aided drafting software can recreate this illustration from rumors and there is nothing to say that it is more reliable than previous CAD. That said, these two novelties are not improbable either and molds appeared a few days ago went exactly in the same direction.

So, we may have to expect less significant changes for 2020. Certainly, there would be a brand new design, but we could stay on the same system with two or three lenses on the back on most of the range, and the notch would wait at least one more generation to see its size reduced. The choice to reserve the LiDAR for the largest – and also the most expensive – model in the range may be explained by a size problem.

Another point noted by Filip Koroy, the new location on the side that has sometimes been considered as a Smart connector for iPhone would be in fact an antenna cut for millimeter 5G. Apple would have chosen to create iPhone compatible with both kinds of 5G, which could involve larger antennas.

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