The latest trend is to use the old iPhone to decorate walls

The latest trend is to use the old iPhone to decorate walls iPhone

What to do with an iPhone that we don’t use? This question may have many valid answers, but perhaps not all of them creative like the one recently found and shared by a TikTok user, who decided to use many iPhone backs of different models, with the respective sizes and colors as this includes decorating the walls of your home.

While decorate with parts of an iPhone This is not a common profession, because on one occasion, we shared the result of an artist who decided to make a guitar with iPhone parts contrary to what was achieved this time, at the time it was a functional object, while the wall with the The images we share below are more artistic work, of course depending on who is looking at it…

In addition to everything, the iPhone is also used to decorate

According to information shared by imore, the user Minhhienapple showed in a video of TIC Tac what he did on the walls of his house after working with iPhone parts.


Bao nhiêu chiếc iphone trong clip vậy cả nhà

♬ Người Miền Tây – Đan Trường

Given that the social network of the moment is adapted to all kinds of challenges, we do not know if it is a challenge or something permanent. In the information accompanying the video The user also does not specify whether they are full iPhones or just rear panels. ripped off old equipment. What he says is that it is a work in the name of art or taste.

People use their iPhones for everything from recording their children’s first steps to playing the latest Apple Arcade game, taking lots of photos, and as we saw with this post, even making them part of it. from their house. What do you think of this intervention made with the Apple iPhone? Would you do something similar?

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