New 12-inch MacBook could be Apple Mac’s first ARM processor

New 12-inch MacBook could be Apple Mac's first ARM processor iPad

A few years ago, Apple made another giant leap when it came to laptops. With the latest MacBook, now abandoned, the Cupertino company has brought a whole new design, which would come later for the rest of the models, and new technologies intended to stay, such as USB-C. So we were lucky to see what it would look like the future of ultrabooks from Apple, but when the MacBook Air returned to its place, it disappeared without a trace.

At least, that’s what we all thought. Now, according to the latest rumors, Apple to launch new MacBook. A laptop that will once again become the banner of business innovation, but this time at an even higher level. And it is that this new MacBook could be the first Apple Mac to switch to ARM architecture chips and leave Intel behind. The first of many, if all goes according to the plans of the company.

According to the roadmap that the usual leaker @choco_bit created and published on Reddit, phase 3 of this transition to ARM, which would start soon, would aim to bring the first Mac with ARM to market. And since Apple is not yet ready to use ARM chips in the usual models, they would first use the MacBook range, also taking advantage of continuing to work on other aspects such as the butterfly keyboard that it introduced in previous generations.

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In any case, this is not a leak, as is the likely announcement of the transition to ARM in the next WWDC. This rumor is based on the findings of a community member which, although it has provided reliable information in the past, indicates that the first model being a MacBook is pure speculation. Although according to his reasoning, the truth is that it makes sense in the world.

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