Apple wants to force the automatic renewal of the subscription after a test in the Down Dog app

Apple wants to force the automatic renewal of the subscription after a test in the Down Dog app none

Yoga Buddhi, publisher of the Down Dog yoga app, is on fire. Apple refuses to validate the latest update of the app on the pretext that it did not set up the automatic subscription after the trial period offered to new users. Down Dog indeed offers a month trial after a first registration from the app (by entering an email address and a password, or through a Facebook or Google connection). At no time should you validate a purchase via the App Store to benefit from this free trial period.

On the other hand, if you want to go beyond the free month, you must subscribe monthly (€ 10.99) or annually (€ 65.99) and there it is Apple’s billing system that takes control – and earns in passing its small com ‘of 30% (15% from the second year of subscription). The App Store validation team clearly does not appreciate that Down Dog makes this one month gift without obligation.

When the user “forgets” to cancel the subscription (at least 24 hours before the expiration date), it is effectively automatically withdrawn by the Apple store system. However in the case of this yoga application, it is impossible for the very good reason that the user has not validated subscription with his Apple account.

The publisher has no intention of complying with Apple’s requirement, which may ” choose to steal from customers who forget to cancel, but we won’t do the same to ours “, He assures very reassured. Yoga Buddhi has already tested automatic payment after a trial period, with three lessons:

  • fewer users want to try the app;
  • the publisher has to reimburse more subscriptions to users who have forgotten their subscription;
  • users are incredulous when the publisher explains that Apple does not authorize the reimbursement of subscriptions (you have to go directly through Apple).

In June, Yoga Buddhi rubbed the Google Play Store, which temporarily removed the Android version of Down Dog: in addition to the integrated shopping system of Google, the app also offered to subscribe from its website with a bank card or PayPal. Things have since calmed down, and it is still possible to pay from the website.

Apple wants to force the automatic renewal of the subscription after a test in the Down Dog app
On the Play Store, Google allows apps to display an external payment link, without going through the house system synonymous with commission.

Apple has been under fire from critics for a few weeks, between the surveys launched by the European Commission on the practices of the App Store and Apple Pay (the United States is about to launch one too). During WWDC, the manufacturer put a little water in its wine by allowing developers to challenge a rule of guidelines. But the tightening of screws around in-app purchases – this had also been the trigger in the HEY affair – is clearly not finished.

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