The New York Times drops Apple News

Le New York Times lâche Apple News none

A hard blow for Apple News. The New york times withdrew without warning from Apple’s newsstand as of Monday. The company regrets that Apple cannot give it the means to have a direct relationship with readers, and little control over the economic activity generated by the service. These criticisms recur regularly among press publishers, it is true that as an intermediary, Apple leaves little room for the press publisher, including for those who participate in the Apple News + subscription (read: Apple News + : press publishers exasperated by Apple’s attitude).

The venerable New York institution hopes to attract readers – and potential subscribers – to its own website and mobile app. An Apple spokesperson said the Times only offered a handful of articles a day to Apple News. ” Our commitment is to support quality journalism through an economic model combining advertising, subscriptions and commerce

The fact remains that Apple is losing a big name in the US press here. The weight of the manufacturer’s products (especially in the United States) allows Apple News to accumulate an audience of 125 million readers per month. But advertising revenues do not follow, and there is always this story of commission: on each subscription purchased via the application, Apple keeps 30% (15% the second year).

The New York Times drops Apple News

Apple News + also did not allow it to navigate for several publishers. Apple takes half of the kiosk subscription ($ 9.99 per month). Unlike the Wall street journal or from the Condé Nast group, the New york times did not want to participate in the service, despite the heavy dredging of Eddy Cue. The title even opposed it sharply.

It must be said that the NYT doesn’t need Apple to thrive. The newspaper reached 6 million subscribers last month, turnover is increasing despite the difficulties linked to the drop in advertising budgets. Quitting Apple News outright will have no material impact on the business of Times, assured management, who will continue to work with Apple on podcasts, apps and ” equipment »(?).

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